2020 STARVD ART Prize is now open. Entry fee only $35USD. Emerging Artists working in 2D Media (Painting, Drawing, Print, Photography & Digital) are invited to enter. Applications close 20 July 2020. Click here for details.

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2020 STARVD ART Prize for Emerging Artists



The Art Prize program is open to all Emerging Artists* globally  (ages 18 and over) and we encourage all Artists working in 2D media - specifically Painting, Drawing, Collage, Print, and Photography (or a combination) to apply.  STARVD Art is here for you - the Artist “STARVD” for recognition! The Artist that has immense talent but needs a bespoke, dedicated platform to showcase their work. A platform that isn't mass market but focused on fine art as intelligent and moving as it is beautiful.  

The Art Prize is an opportunity to bring your art to the world. For those Artists based in ASEAN or Oceania, there may be further opportunities for us to collaborate and support each other! But first, submit your work for the opportunity to win some great career-enhancing prizes in the  STARVD ART 2020 International Art Prize! 

Detailed Application Instructions and the Prize Terms & Conditions can be downloaded here


COVID-19 NOTE: Dates may be subject to change. Please check this page regularly for updates. Entrants will also be notified by email of any change in event dates.